Manufacturing requires specific skill sets and our labour team is ready to meet your light manufacturing needs. Our labourers go through safety and training programs and courses and can be relied on to get the job done, when you need it.

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Warehouse work requires intelligence and discipline, as well as strength and experience. There’s high demand for warehouse work, and we are ready to help fill your warehouse labour needs.

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The construction industry requires workers who understand the value of teamwork and who can show up with a great attitude, ready to get the job done right. The construction industry serves a variety of disciplines, and we can offer help for all of this.

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At Pristine Labour, we take safety seriously. In fact, when it comes to safety, it is our top priority and there can be no compromises or shortcuts. We want to ensure our employees know their responsibilities so that everyone can work in a safe environment.

Pristine Labour is the only recruitment agency who, with the assistance of our health and safety expert Stuart Johnston, has an independently developed safety training program which is certified by WorkSafeBC.

We don’t just talk safety, we teach it, and we practice it too!

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Pristine Labour provides reliable, skilled and semi-skilled temporary labour for short-term or long-term projects.

The Pristine difference is clear:

  • We specialize in the light manufacturing, warehouse and construction industries keeping us focused on those specific needs
  • Our team is highly dedicated, punctual, dependable and hardworking – helping you get the job done on time, and on budget
  • All employees are interviewed in person by a dedicated HR manager
  • We don’t just send you anyone. We review the list of available employees, and do our best to send you the right employee with the relevant experience you need to be part of your team.
  • All our foreign workers have police clearances as part of their work visa program
  • All of our employees are taken through our customized safety program, which is recognized by WorkSafeBC (unique to the recruitment agency business)
  • Pristine Labour is a fully licensed, registered business with our own liability insurance and fully covered by WorkSafeBC
  • We do all the paperwork! No recruitment, contracts or spending hours organizing payroll and administration. We pay higher wages, yet charge our clients competitive rates and we take care of all the source deductions, including vacation pay, Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan.

Pristine Labour can help you with:

  • Urgent jobs
  • Additional workforce for short-term or long-term goals

If you have an urgent job, or a project that has become larger than you imagined then our team can help. We can often have a team there on short notice that will be skilled in your specific field, and can start working without any need for in-depth training.

However, if you want the best pick of our employees, then 24 hours notice can generally help us to fill the work order more effectively.

There is no need to hire a permanent worker, whether you need someone for a day or a month, we will find the right person.