The Vancouver Experience


Congratulations on considering the opportunity to work in this thriving community. Nestled into the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and Georgia Strait, the City of Vancouver holds many treasures for people ready to work and play!

With Pristine, you have the opportunity to work all week and spend your weekends skiing in world-class Whistler  or even closer on the 2010 Winter Olympic slopes of Cypress Mountain – just minutes from the city center. Or you can wind down from a day’s work playing rugby with friends on Jericho Beach! Vancouver is very well known for its fun and exciting activities.

When you begin your search for work, you are probably looking for an agency that can assist you with quality temporary employment.

Paying wages that are above the minimum in this field, and ensuring your taxes are paid, you can feel confident that you are working with a professional team that is looking out for you.

We know that not everyone is here on a working holiday, some of you have lived In Vancouver all your life and may just be seeking temporary work to help you while you seek a permanent job or you could be on a summer break from university.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, if you are honest, hardworking and reliable, then you are welcome at Pristine Labour.

Pristine Labour specializes in:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing

We are always looking for temporary labourers of all experience levels (including ticketed carpenters) to work with our national clients. If you are handy with a broom, can swing a hammer or use a shovel, and want to work in the construction industry, contact us!  We have work for you!

However, if manufacturing or warehousing is more your strength, we can help you find work! We have a number of excellent clients who are always looking for quality employees like you.

What we offer is a friendly team to assist you to not only find work, but to keep you working. Moving from client to client, you get the opportunity to experience many different work sites, clients and to meet lots of travelers and friendly local Canadians.

If you are interested in working with the Pristine Team, please go to the “How to Apply” Tab and follow the process.

Some sites to Explore:
TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival
Kayaking and Canoeing
B.C.’s Parkour Community
Vancouver Sun Run
Gastown Grand Prix
Honda Celebration of Light 2013 – fireworks
North Shore Mountain Bike Association
Vancouver is Awesome

Does a person read my resume?

At Pristine Labour, your resumé is read and assessed by an experienced HR professional. We acknowledge all applications received but only those candidates considered suitable for working with Pristine Labour will be offered the opportunity to come in for an interview.

How often do I get paid?

Pristine Labour pays all team members by cheque every two weeks. We take out all applicable taxes and insurances so that you don’t have to worry about these things yourself. This helps you to budget and manage your finances.

Do I need a special uniform or other items of clothing?

You provide your own personal protection equipment – steel toe work boots, a hard hat and hi visibility vest. Pristine Labour will provide you with all other incidental safety equipment such as gloves, dust mask and safety glasses.

How do you keep in touch?

Although we are easily reached by phone or email, we have found that text messaging via a cell phone or smart phone is a quick and efficient way to communicate with our employees.

What kind of safety training do you provide?

Safety of our employees is the number one priority for Pristine Labour (Read more…). We want to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities on the job site. Prior to attending an interview, you will complete an online safety orientation and quiz and your results will be reviewed during your interview. Furthermore, when we meet in person, we provide you with an overview on safety in the workplace as well as a Safety Handbook and further information from WorkSafeBC.

What happens if I work for a while then decide to travel and come back later?

As a temporary recruitment agency, we understand that you may be interested in a flexible work option, and we are OK with that! Communication is the key – we want to know when you can work and when you can’t. Always keep in touch with us for the best opportunities with our company!

Do I get paid overtime?

We pay our employees according to the Employment Standards Act of BC. For more information please visit and their Hours of Work and Overtime Fact Sheet. (

How do statutory holidays work in Vancouver, Canada

We pay our employees statutory holiday pay according to the Employment Standards Act of BC. If you work 15 of the previous 30 days prior to a statutory holiday, then you are entitled to statutory holiday pay. Although a temporary recruitment agency that can’t promise or guarantee work, if you are still employed and actively working with Pristine Labour after a statutory holiday, and meet the average day’s pay rule, then we will pay you statutory holiday pay. Statutory holiday pay is one day’s average wages. For more information please visit and their Statutory Holiday Fact Sheet (

How do I get to and from work?

You are responsible for getting yourself to and from a worksite, and you are not paid for travel time. For information on bus and Skytrain routes and schedules, visit Translink to plan your trip. Click here for more information: TranslinkIf you’re driving. If you’re cycling.

What type of work will I do?

A typical workday is 8 hours, generally starting around 7:00 am. For our construction clients, you could do anything from general site clean-up, to assisting qualified tradesmen. Light manufacturing can be even more varied from general warehouse work to food manufacturing. Every day can be different in temporary labour.

If you are qualified in a trade, particularly carpenters, then we seek to find you work in your field of expertise.

Don’t take our word for it – read about what others have to say of their experience working for Pristine Labour.

“I would like to thank Manny and all the crew at Pristine Labour for all the work he sent my way. I have never dealt with a more professional agency anywhere in the world. Wages were always paid promptly and on time and if your willing to work hard Manny will never leave you without work for long. I would highly recommend Pristine Labour to anyone. Keep up the good work Manny and see you further on down the road!!” Jimmy K. (Dublin)

“While working for Pristine Labour I had the chance to get known three different companies. I’ve got insight into a cheese factory, a steel pipe distributor and a construction company. Especially working on construction was really interesting for me even if I never worked on construction before.

Working for Pristine Labour was a perfect fit for me as a traveling backpacker as the company is very flexible with your working hours. For example you can just say: “I am not available for the next days/weeks/months.” And then after your time off, you just let Pristine Labour know you are available again for working and you can work.

All in all I really enjoyed working for Pristine Labour because they offer you above-average compensation, varied kind of works, safe work-environments and a pretty good supervision.

Thanks for a great time to Manny, Jo, Neil and Natasha.” Simon C. (Germany)

“Thanks Manny for everything… Pristine is the best most professional Agency I have ever worked with. Please thank all the team at the office for everything.” Aleck P. (Montreal, Canada)

“Thanks to all at Pristine the past year for your help getting work. It has been a pleasure dealing with Pristine.” Dermot E. (Carpenter, Ireland)

“Thanks again for the employment opportunity and experience I’ve gained in BC. If I hear of anyone heading your way I’ll give them your contact details. Best of luck to yourself and Neil with Pristine Labour!” Adrian C. (Carpenter, Ireland)

“After leaving Pristine Labour where I worked for most of my Canadian time I did a road trip across North America. I am now back in New Zealand and have started my own building company. I’d like to thank Pristine Labour for giving me the opportunity to work on a range of different sites which has added to my experience as a carpenter and enabled me to travel North America before I came home. Now having breakfast Canadian style…” Sam S. (Carpenter, New Zealand)

“I just want to thank Jo and Manny for all the work you put my way; it really eased my stay in Vancouver and provided me with a broad variety of duties and working locations. I made some very good friends during my time with Pristine and I shall be recommending any friends of mine that decide to travel to Vancouver to get in touch with you. I wish the company all the best for a bright and prosperous future. Thank you.” John D. (Ireland)

“Thanks for all your help the last 6 weeks. Its been a pleasure. I’m on trial so if it doesn’t work out I’ll be in touch. You guys run a great company. The main thing is you really respect your employees, that’s what I found to be your greatest asset. I will recommend anyone of my friend to you. Talk soon.” Brian G.

“I really enjoyed working with Pristine . Great opportunity . I was working on one site downtown for the whole summer. Very convenient.” Eoin C.

“Staff very easy to deal with. Very good and safe employers. Gave me interesting work , wide range of work activities. Pay rates very good.” Shane M.

“Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to work for you. We enjoyed it. We will take care. If we know somebody, who wants to go to Vancouver, we will definitely tell him about Pristine.” Denis and Robert (Germany)

“I have had the opportunity to work for Pristine Labour for nearly 5 months while on a working holiday visa. I found them to be excellent employers, and enjoyed working for them. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to future employees.” Tom H.

“Hey Manny, My time here in Vancouver is coming to in end in one week before I return to Germany. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me within the last 6 months, thank you for your trust and giving me the opportunity to make once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I’ll definitely come by and visit you at the office to say goodbye in person within the next days.” Fred S.

“Dear Manny,Well I have arrived home safe and sound in Melbourne, Australia last night and I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity with Pristine labour. As you know I thoroughly enjoyed my employment with Pristine. Your support was second to none and I thank you for that. Thanks for everything.” Deano S.

“Working for Pristine was a great experience, hands down one of the best employers I have ever worked with. They treat their employees with first-class care. The staff are friendly, honest and always available. Their reputation on site for quality service is unmatched by any other company in that industry. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended. Thanks.” Oscar S.

“Dear Manny and Neil, I want to let you both know how pleased I am with the opportunity to work for a company like Pristine Labour. I cant tell you how good it felt getting that email confirming ny employment with your company. The way that it gave detailed instructions and links to get transit schedules to help plan my route to work on my first assignment but I especially liked the way that Manny texts all of us every morning bright and early with an inspiring message to carry for the rest of the day. Nothing compares to the way it felt getting on site and hearing from the contractor (Westin Wall Centre) how great the company I work for is and how much they look forward to working with us all. It was a proud feeling that I wasn’t expecting since I have worked for other temp companies in the lower mainland and I can honestly say I have two daughters and they too want to be a part of this team and so do their friends. I look forward to growing with your company and I hope that my contribution helps this company in the years to come. Way to go everyone and let’s keep up the good work it feels good to shine. Thanks again Manny and Neil.” Dawn F.

“I came over from Ireland on the first week of January. A friend who had worked for Pristine Labour gave me Manny’s number for work. So I called many on the Friday and on the Monday I was working. Pristine labour had a lift organized for me to get to work told me where to go and how to get there as I did not know the transit system. I have been working for pristine labour for 3 months now and the client I am working for are going to hire me on a full time basis. They want me to become an operator of the machines and they also want to sponsor me to stay for and get my permanent residency. Manny is on the ball every morning. Pristine labour are easy going and very good to work for. I would only recommend people to work for them as everything is run smooth and no messing about.” Ross M.

“Working for Pristine Labour is like being at an athletic event: we’re the athletes and the clean-up crew all at the same time, with the owners cheering us on. There’s nothing like working hard…it makes you feel great and you get to do it everyday! It’s also so nice too see familiar faces as we move from one project to another.” Laura B.

“I have found Pristine Labour to be a very friendly, accommodating, and trustworthy company to work for and I would recommend them to any of my friends that are looking for work.” Derek S.

“In the years that I’ve worked for Pristine Labour, I have found them to be generous and honest in their treatment of me. They pay fairly and allow me to have control over the work that I take. My co-workers have been hard working and pleasant. I can’t say enough about how Manny and Neil have helped me expand my experience in areas that I wanted to pursue wherever possible.” Jason M.

“The most personalized service I’ve received as an employee and been witness to in dealings with clients. It’s refreshing to know that there are still hard working people like Manny and Neil Kursan that put in the effort to make their employees happy and in turn provide motivated and skilled staff to their clients.” Nathan B.

“To Manny, Neil and Pristine Team, Thank you so much for the chance to work for such an organized and outstanding Labour Agency. My time with Pristine has made my Canada adventure so much more enjoyable it truly was a pleasure working for your company and I made some great friends.” Danny J.

“Dear Manny and Neil, Thanks so much for the last 5 months. It has been a pleasure to work with you both. You have taught me a great deal about business and it is something I will take with me and continue to use! I am looking forward to working with you in the future.” Angela V.

“Working for Pristine Labour was a great pleasure at any time, they offer good jobs and great wages. We always felt comfortable and were treated very respectful. The contact was professional, but not too complicated or bureaucratic and no matter what, we could contact Pristine with any issue at any time. The staff working at Pristine Labour are people with great personalities and in case we will come back to Vancouver, we always would contact them again. Thanks to Manny and Neil – we had a great time!” Karolin and Justina J.

To keep that personal touch to what we do, we don’t accept people who walk in without a pre-scheduled appointment. Everyone is carefully screened for an interview to ensure that we only recuit the best and most suitable candidates for the Pristine Team.


We also believe that “word of mouth” is the best way to find candidates, so we have in place a referral program rewarding current and former employees who refer their friends to Pristine Labour.

To apply to Pristine Labour you will need to:

Once you have completed all these steps, and provided you meet our criteria, our HR Manager will contact you to discuss your application.